Monte Baldo tour

DIFFICULTY:          TIPS:keep your helmet always on and enjoy

The aim of this tour is to let you discover the secrets Mount Baldo has in store: it is indeed a true natural and historic treasure chest.
We start by leaving the crowded and noisy beaches of the Trentino Garda and immediately begin attacking the road that from Torbole ascends 1600 metres to the silence of the alpine pastures of Mount Varagna. Such a difference in altitude requires a good condition, but there is no need to get frightened: most of the ascent is on a paved road, with little traffic and a steady slope. This road offers a welcome and continuous distraction at each hairpin bend: the beautiful views of Lake Garda and the surrounding valleys, the geometry and shape of the cliffs around it, the marks left by mankind during World War I.
All these sights keep us busy, and in no time we find ourselves on the descent towards Malga Campei: this is a small jewel of alpine architecture set in lush pastures. Here we find the smile of the managers and their amazing recipes. After this well deserved stop we begin our descent: we soon enter the woods through a nice and enjoyable trail finishing at the end of the Loppio Valley. At this point we will connect with the bicycle lane that leads to Nago and the starting point.

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