Lake Tenno tour

DIFFICULTY:          TIPS:keep your helmet always on and enjoy

The goal of this tour is Lake Tenno, an emerald of clear waters. We reach it passing through historic hamlets in a very sunny valley. On our way out we will use some asphalt roads open to traffic (although very few cars use them).
On the way back we will be going downhill on some dedicated dirt roads before entering the asphalt bicycle lane.
This tour is for almost all bikers and we designed it in order to combine nature with history. How? Well, just read the highlights below…


  • Pranzo: medieval village;
  • Molini Valley: carved out by the Varone Torrent;
  • Lake Tenno: immersed in green woods with a beautiful islet;
  • Canale: time has stopped… 500 years ago;
  • The town of Tenno: each rock and piece of wood have a story to tell;
  • Tenno Castle: an eagle’s nest on top of a rocky headland;
  • Frapporta: the hamlet leaning on the castle.

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