Lake Bagatoli tour

DIFFICULTY:          TIPS:keep your helmet always on and enjoy

This tour is for those who want to go beyond the natural borders of the “Busa”, literally the “hole” meaning the hollow in which the towns of Arco, Torbole and Riva del Garda lie, exploring the Sarca river valley up to Dro. This safe and comfortable route is mainly on level terrain; it passes on the local network of bicycle lanes and some asphalt country roads and is also suitable for those who have no experience with mountain bikes. On our way back part of the route will be on a dirt road surrounded by pines first and olive trees later, before meeting the Sarca river and following it to its mouth in the Garda lake. We will make a stop halfway into the tour, at Lake Bagatoli: a small pearl surrounded by a beautiful pinewood at the foot of the tall Brento rock face, a haven for the most experienced rock climbers and daring base jumpers.


  • The Sarca River: along its banks surrounded by rich vegetation;
  • Garda Lake’s beaches: between palm and oleander trees on the shores of the lake;
  • The castle of Arco: on a beautiful rock towering on the city’s roofs;
  • Historical palaces: the cathedral and the aristocracy’s abode in Arco’s centre;
  • Romanesque bridge: an old crossing of the Sarca river;
  • San Paolo Hermitage: 900 years old;
  • Marocche: a stretch of huge calcareous rocks;
  • Drena Castle: with its tower it seems suspended in a dreamlike setting;
  • Fies: a power station with medieval architecture;
  • Lake Bagatoli: sportfishing basin and rest area;
  • Brento: a 1500 metres high rock face.

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